The daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry has exploded over the past few years. More and more new fans are discovering the fun of DFS, while season-long fantasy players are finding that DFS is a fast-paced and more exciting alternative to traditional leagues. The outlook for DFS continues to trend positively and upwards.

DraftFury has prepared this Beginner’s Guide to specifically help DFS newcomers get acclimated to DraftFury’s DFS contests.

Learn DraftFury’s Scoring System for Each League


The scoring system for each league (NFL, MLB, NBA) determines how athletes accumulate points during the game. You can find the system under the Info tab of the selected contest. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the scoring categories and points. Keep in mind that the “best” real-world athletes may not be the “best” DFS-world athletes (and certainly vice versa)!  DraftFury’s scoring system will never change during the season.

Learn DraftFury’s Contest Types

DraftFury offers two distinct contest types:

Pick’Em Contests

In Pick’Em contests, DraftFury pre-selects between 5-9 athletes based on their expected performance and places them into 9 separate groups. To construct a lineup, simply choose one athlete for each group. There are no positions or salaries to worry about. Pick’Em contests are ideal for DFS beginners as there is no learning curve involved and lineups can be built on a mobile device and in a matter of minutes!


Standard Salary Cap Contests

In Standard Salary Cap contests, DraftFury gives each entry $100,000 to spend on the lineup. DraftFury pre-assigns each athlete a salary price based on his anticipated performance. To construct a lineup, fill each of the 9 designated roster spots while staying at or under the $100,000 salary cap. There is an additional lineup limit of no more than 4 athletes from a single team.


Learn DraftFury’s Contest Payout Types

Winner Take All (also Head-to-Head) Payout – In a Winner Take All payout, the first-place entry (which scored the most points) receives the entire prize pool as a payout.

50/50 Payout – In a 50/50 payout, the entries that place in the top half (top 50%) receive equal shares of the prize pool.

Top Heavy Payout – In a Top Heavy payout, typically the top 10-30% entries receive a prize, with the prizes escalating towards the top (i.e. 1st place receives more than 2nd place, 2nd place receives more than 3rd place, etc.)

In the case of ties, the tied entries will split the expected prize payout (based on position of finish) equally.

You can find the contest payouts under the Prizes tab of the selected contest.

Look for DraftFury’s “Guaranteed” Contests


Many of DraftFury’s contests are Guaranteed. A Guaranteed contest simply means that DraftFury guarantees the full prize pool, regardless of the number of entrants into the contest. You can view all DraftFury Guaranteed contests by checking the box with the green “G” symbol at the bottom of the Lobby filters or just look for the green “G” icon next to a contest. Targeting unfilled Guaranteed contests is the best way to get great value from your entry, as you will be competing against fewer entrants than the prize pool dictates.

Analyze the Statistics and Read the News Available on Each Athlete’s Player Card


There is a wealth of information on each athlete’s player card, which is accessible by clicking on the athlete’s name. There are status and news indicators next to the athlete’s name as well. The statistics and news provided by our service partner Rotowire are extremely useful in assisting you with building your most optimal lineup.

Verify That Your Selected Athletes are Expected to Play the Scheduled Games

It is a disaster to select an athlete only to have that athlete not play in the scheduled game. It is important to verify that your selected athletes are playing in the scheduled games. For example, waiting for an athlete whose status is listed as “Questionable” (see section above) to be updated is helpful for NFL contests. In MLB contests, athletes who are confirmed to play (barring last minute decisions) will have a  next to their name. DraftFury constantly updates the feed from our service partner SportRadar US to provide the most current data possible, so checking your lineups within an hour prior to your contest start time will prove invaluable to your success (and your peace of mind).

Practice with DraftFury’s Free-Entry Contests

Just like for athletes, practice makes perfect! DraftFury schedules free contests every day that can be found by either sorting the entry fee or typing in 0 for both Min Entry and Max Entry dollar amounts in the Lobby. DraftFury also allows players to create their own customized Free Practice contests by clicking on the green Create Contest button in the Lobby. DraftFury encourages all of our participants to try out our contests for free and experiment with different contests and lineups, with no deposit required!

Take Advantage of DraftFury’s Bonuses and Special Offers

Be sure to take advantage of DraftFury’s current bonuses and/or special offers. Review the options available and recognize the benefits. Whether it’s maximizing a Fury Bonus or entering in free contests that pay out real prizes, there is always an edge to gain and more profits to earn. Current DraftFury bonuses and/or special offers are usually listed on the Promotions page. Be sure to check your email for DraftFury updates as well.


At the end of the day, DFS is a form of entertainment and learning the process can be a wonderful experience. Share it with your friends by inviting them to play DFS at DraftFury, and earn commissions for doing so through the 7-Level Referral Program. Have fun and enjoy all of the DFS options that DraftFury has to offer!