Finding High Potential Recruits to Add to Your Network

Our first three articles explained how to recruit daily fantasy sports players. Now we'll turn our attention to identifying and recruiting key individuals that can help you exponentially grow your Referral Network. 

Most of the people you've identified as potential DraftFury players will also be interested in joining our 7-Level Referral Program and recruiting people themselves.  After all, most DFS players will likely know many others who are interested in DFS.

There are many people that may also be attracted to the limitless income potential of DraftFury's 7-Level Referral Program even if they are not necessarily passionate about daily fantasy sports themselves. They may still be fantastic people to recruit to join DraftFury's referral program, especially if they:

  • Are friendly and personable.
  • Have a background in sales, marketing, promotions, or recruiting.
  • Are "influencers", i.e. fantasy league Commissioners, social/group organizers, social media personalities with a substantial number of friends/followers.
  • Possess a large potential audience, i.e.bloggers, streamers, podcasters. 

Do you know people like this?

The main takeaway is that DraftFury's Referral Program is ideal for highly motivated individuals who have significant social or professional networks. By recruiting these individuals who have the potential to recruit hundreds, if not thousands of people, if they earn sizeable commissions, so will you!

The key selling points of the 7-Level Referral Program you should highlight when you're recruiting are:

  • It's absolutely free to join, with no buy-in or other associated costs -- EVER.
  • Earn up to 70% Commissions with our limited time Fast Start Bonus promotion -- the most generous Commissions in the daily fantasy sports industry industry.
  • Unique 7-Level structure -- earn Commissions through 7 degrees of separation.