Introducing Daily Fantasy Sports to Newcomers

When introducing a newcomer to daily fantasy sports, you can begin by introducing the general concept of fantasy sports: participants draft a roster/lineup of real world athletes who earn fantasy points based on their actual performance according to preset scoring rules.

Next, explain the advantages that daily fantasy sports holds over traditional season-long fantasy leagues:

  • No season-long commitment -- every day is a new start!

  • Reduced injury impact -- catastrophic injuries won't derail your entire season.

  • Play at your own pace -- there's no need to rely on other opponents to draft or make trades.

  • Faster pace and greater action.

  • Win cash prizes every day!

Finally, describe how our Pick'Em contest format makes DraftFury the best site to try out daily fantasy sports:

  • According to an independent and comprehensive survey conducted by Eilers Research, the most common reason cited among participants who said they do not play DFS was that it was too intimidating/time consuming.

  • DraftFury's Pick'Em contests directly counter the objection because the format is casual-friendly and easily accessible for beginners.

  • Simply select one athlete from 9 preset groups. There are no salaries, positions, or other restrictions.

  • Allows new users to ease into daily fantasy sports before competing in standard salary format contests.

  • Pick'Em contest lineups can be made quickly (in a matter of minutes) and easily (ideal for play on mobile devices).