Jump Start Your Referral Network

To jump start your Referral Network, think about the people you already know -- your friends, family members, co-workers, business associates who you think would really enjoy DraftFury's daily fantasy sports contests. These may include:

  • all sports fans (particularly fans of the NFL, MLB, and NBA)
  • anyone who enjoys the thrill of having "something on the line"
  • existing fantasy sports players / members of your fantasy leagues
  • people who like to analyze statistics
  • fellow fans (or rivals!) of your favorite teams
  • your college/fraternity/Vegas trip buddies

Next, think of the people that are in your extended circle of acquaintances -- new people you meet in person or are acquainted with online. For example, the new friends you make at ball games or sports bars, the people you run across who are wearing sports team hats/jerseys/shirts, the online acquaintances who use team or athlete handles or avatars, etc., would be great people to introduce to DraftFury.

Never lose sight of the fact that DraftFury's Referral Program pays through SEVEN levels and is the most lucrative program in the entire daily fantasy industry! That means that even someone who isn't a sports fan or interested in fantasy sports can still be a fantastic addition to your Referral Network. You never know if they have an extensive network of friends of family who are into sports and would love DraftFury!

You should now understand how expansive your potential Referral Network can be. Now is the perfect time to approach, connect, and interact with everyone who will find the DraftFury experience exciting!

DraftFury makes it fast and easy to reach out to people and grow your Referral Network. You can use the tools in the Referral Center to send your friends an email or reach out to them via social media. Another great option to get your friends to try DraftFury is to create a contest and challenge them to play against you and other friends (for bragging rights or cash prizes). You can do this easily using the "Create Contest" option under Account Details. DraftFury also has customizable business-size Promo Cards that you can get printed. They're great to always keep on you -- because the opportunity to add someone to your Referral Network can strike at anytime!

DraftFury also offers frequent promotions to make it even easier to refer your friends. For updates on our special promotions and exclusive offers, be sure to engage with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Want some guidance on how to properly explain DraftFury to others? Our Press Kit highlights DraftFury's numerous advantages over the competition!