Recruiting Existing Daily Fantasy Players

People who already play daily fantasy sports know how fast-paced and exciting it is. You can recruit existing daily fantasy players to DraftFury by describing the ways that DraftFury distinguishes itself from other sites:

1.  DraftFury has been a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association since inception.

2.  Player funds are fully segregated, 100% secure, and held in a FDIC insured U.S. banking institution. 

3.  Access to DraftFury's user data (including lineups) is highly restricted to the top-level of DraftFury's security team.

4.  DraftFury actively discourages high-volume professional "sharks" from hampering the DraftFury experience of other (casual) players:

  • DraftFury's innovative battlefield, Fury Arena, is the ultimate protection against sharks. Players sign up for head-to-head contests anonymously, and allow DraftFury's proprietary algorithm to automatically match them against players of similar skill. DraftFury is the only site in the DFS industry that offers skill-based matching!
  • In addition, users have the option to set entry limits and restrictions for head-to-head opponents.
  • Use of automatic seating scripts are expressly prohibited.

5.  Pick'Em Contests:  DraftFury's unique and highly popular contest format was designed for casual players. You can create a lineup quickly and easily in a matter of minutes.  It's also ideal for mobile or on-the-go players!

6.  DraftFury focuses on exceptional customer service and cultivating the best user experience possible.

7.  DraftFury's 7-Level Referral Program is the most generous in the industry, paying up to 70% commissions with our limited time Fast Start bonus.